Terms of Service.

This Agreement was last modified on June 26th, 2022.

1. Terms and Conditions

By purchasing, reserving, subscribing, participating with Lucid Capital LLC, Lucid Capital, Lucid Algo, Algo Dreams, Chandelier, G-2, San-3, or any other Lucid product and/or service, you agree directly and implicitly that none of what is provided is financial advice unless specified as such, and all algorithms run either manually or automatically with brokers on your account(s) are done by your own volition and your own risk. Algorithms can and often do experience losses. The stock market and specifically futures market is not a recipe for guaranteed success and caution should always be used.

2. Refund/Cancellation Policy

All sales are final with a no refund policy. If there are difficulties with product, service or delivery, please contact Lucid Capital admin to receive assistance.

3. Shipping & Fulfillment Policy

All orders are shipped electronically and automatically. All orders are licenses and/or reservations and all fine print should be read carefully before purchase. Should you not receive any communication from Lucid Capital and/or its representatives, please contact Lucid admin via Lucid Capital Discord, Lucid Telegram, or Lucid email: support@lucidcapital.xyz.

4. Privacy Policy

Your information collected during checkout or purchase will not be used for any marketing purposes and will be secured and not shared to any unauthorized parties.

5. Trade Responsibility

All executed trades are executed by our partnered brokers and their personal or affiliate automation procedures, protocols, or companies.

The materials on this website are for illustration and discussion purposes only and do not constitute an offering. An offering may be made only by delivery of a confidential offering memorandum to appropriate investors. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS.