Intelligent algorithmic trading.

Lucid Capital is a quantitative algo firm with a focus on technology and automation.


A daytrading system that trades ES, NQ, and YM contracts.

There are at least 4 algorithms running simultaneously in this system. Live since October 2022.


A daytrading system that trades NQ contracts.

This is our newest system. Live since August 2023.

How to join.

Each client buys a license below then opens an automated trading account with our partnered brokers.

The license fee covers monthly development and maintenance costs from the time your account begins full automation.

Daily trading commissions are not included.

Please review and accept the terms of service, select the license term, and then enter your preferred deposit amount in USD below:

($3,000 minimum / $100,000 maximum)

License fee:

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About us.

We're a team of profitable full-time traders and software engineers from hedge funds and companies like Palantir.

We've created successful trading systems by developing software that produces trading signals from ingesting real-time data and processing historical data.

Welcome to Lucid Capital.