Intelligent algorithmic trading.

Lucid Capital is a quantitative algo firm with a focus on technology and automation.


A daytrading system that trades ES, NQ, YM, and RTY contracts.

Chandelier Algo is now open for reservation.

Each trader can open their own automated trading account with our partnered brokers by choosing an account size and subscription plan below.


Monthly fees are not due until your account is opened and running with the algo.

All plans are granted access to our private group where potential algorithm updates are announced and market discussions can take place.

If interested, please review the terms of service and then click the reserve button below.

About us.

We're a team of profitable full-time traders and software engineers from hedge funds and companies like Palantir.

We've created successful trading systems by developing software that produces trading signals from ingesting real-time data and processing historical data.

We've run these trading systems on our own money which multiplied our personal accounts throughout the past 3 years.

Welcome to Lucid Capital.